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Did you know that banks have special policies in place to assist customers affected by a natural disaster or emergency event

In these circumstances, banks may not require customers to complete standard hardship assessment processes, such as providing information or supporting documentation. Banks will then determine a suitable arrangement when the immediate event has passed and recovery has commenced.

Banks may also provide information about support services, such as professional financial counsellors, which can offer further assistance during the recovery phase.

Furthermore, banks may offer wider emergency relief packages to provide immediate support for customers, as well as broader assistance to help communities recover. For example, during the event and the immediate aftermath, access to cash and basic banking services may be disrupted. Special arrangements between banks and across the banking industry can be put in place to help support relief efforts and restore services. In these circumstances, banks will work with governments and authorities to make sure banking infrastructure is restored as quickly as possible.

If you are affected by a natural disaster or emergency event get in touch with your bank now.

CLICK HERE for your bank’s hardship team details.